Project presentation

Trial building of Qinghai Provincial High People's Court

Design Department: Design a institute (The project won the 2015 National Excellent Engineering Survey and design industry Award second prize, 2015 Qinghai Province excellent survey and design first prize)

       The trial office building project of Qinghai Provincial High People's Court is located in the southwest corner of the intersection of Qaidam Road and the second Lane of West Railway Station, Chengbei District, Xining City, with a total land area60.27Mu, the land layout trial office building, judge training center, police high-rise residential building and supporting boiler room and other projects。Total construction area of trial office building32671.00m2,The number of ground and upper layers is8Layer, underground1Floor, building height31.80m。The main building is divided into two parts: office room and trial room。The first floor of the building and some basements are equipped with a garage, equipment room, archive room and detention room。The second to eighth floors of the office are public administrative rooms of the court, of which the second floor is equipped with a foyer and multi-functional conference hall, the top floor is equipped with a large conference room, video conference room, reading room, gym, etc., and the other floors are equipped with office and departmental conference rooms。The establishment of office accommodation meets the requirements of the standard "Construction Standards for Office Accommodation of Party and Government Organs"。According to the "People's Court Building Standards", the trial room is arranged in the southeast side of the office building, relatively independent, including a large court1A, middle court2A... small courtroom8In addition, the case hall, petition hall, awaiting trial hall and supporting service rooms for judges and lawyers, witnesses, prosecutors and other personnel involved in trial activities are set up。The layout of the trial court focuses on solving the requirements of various flow lines in the court, that is, the judge's channel, the custody channel and the spectator's channel, which are independent and interrelated。

    The planning and design of the project are arranged according to the functional requirements of the surrounding urban environment and the building itself, and the chief of the office building is judged125Meters, along the city's main road Qaidam Road layout, the trial court part along the second lane of the West station layout, the general plan of each entrance layout clear zoning, reasonable flow line。The shape of the building is displayed in the form of horizontal stretch, the proportion of the building facade is appropriate, the division of the grid is delicate, the body block is regular, dignified and decent, creating a tangible from a distance and powerful from a close look of the charm, reflecting the character of the court building。The completion of this project has sorted out the image of the urban space in the region with a relatively chaotic environment, improved the quality of regional architecture, and become an important landmark building of Qaidam Road, which has been praised by all parties in society and local people。With advanced design, complete facilities and perfect functions, the project is a comprehensive trial office building integrating office, case handling, trial, conference, technical exchange and comprehensive supporting facilities, creating a new model of court architecture in the new era and reaching the advanced level of similar buildings in China。This project won the bid for many design units。

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