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Project management

    The General contracting company of Qinghai Provincial Architectural Survey and Design Institute is a direct subsidiary of Qinghai Provincial Architectural Survey and Design Institute,Qinghai Institute of Architectural Survey and Design is the largest comprehensive architectural design research unit in Qinghai Province,It integrates construction, structure, construction, supervision, foundation technology and project management,In the province has a good reputation and a wide range of social visibility。
    The company engaged in project management services of about 360 personnel, of which more than 150 senior titles, more than 200 intermediate titles, more than 120 people hold the national architectural design, structure, equipment, supervision, construction, consulting, cost and other engineers issued by the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of personnel registration certificate。
    For each project, the company will set up a lean, efficient and reasonable organization and management elite team with the main leader of the company as the project manager, and the project management personnel are rich in management experience。The use of scientific and advanced management mode, let the owner trust the satisfactory project operation strategy, for the quality of the project to provide organizational and human resources guarantee。In addition, our company has set up an expert advisory group specifically for the project to carry out technical guidance and consultation on the project to ensure the smooth progress of project management。
    Since 1994, the Ministry of Construction issued the Grade A general contracting qualification,With the continuous innovation of national engineering construction management mode,With the help of consulting, survey, design, supervision, construction and other businesses carried out by the design institute, the company has the advantages of construction technology and rich management experience,A number of general contract management projects led by design have been carried out,Many valuable experiences and results have been obtained。Such as: the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bank of the city office building, Ziheng Building, the city motor vehicle testing center, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of the city west office building, the local tax Bureau office building, the transportation management building, Kangchuan New city resettlement community。In particular, the resettlement community of Kangchuan New City adopts the construction of general contract (EPC),From project planning, survey, design, supervision, construction management, completion acceptance and so on,Realized the construction project one-stop comprehensive management service,In the shortest possible time, the construction project of a complex of 670,000 square meters with 154 residential buildings was completed,The management service level of the company has reached a new height。
    To build higher, larger and newer high-quality projects is the eternal goal pursuit of the construction engineering General contracting Company of Qinghai Provincial Architectural Survey and Design Institute。