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Geotechnical investigation

 Our geotechnical company was founded in 1956,It is the first engineering geological investigation (now geotechnical investigation) Class A unit approved by the Ministry of Construction and the State Planning Commission in our province,Since its establishment, it has completed nearly 10,000 industrial civil buildings and municipal facilities survey tasks,The company has strong technical force,There have emerged a lot of scientific and technological personnel who enjoy national government subsidies and well-known experts in the province。The company has 45 employees,35 professional and technical personnel,There are 15 people with high and intermediate technical titles,5 national registered geotechnical engineers,The company has a geotechnical engineering technology department,Water, geotechnical laboratory,Drilling engineering department,Four subdivisions of foundation monitoring and treatment,The main equipment has 3 sets of car drill,Three tower drilling RIGS,Diesel engine drilling machine 1,Water and soil test equipment 66 conventional consolidation instruments,6 straight shear force instruments,One point load meter,One triaxial test equipment,Load tester 2 sets,9 medium pressure consolidation instruments,Sand filling method testing tester 2 sets,Two compacting instruments and supporting equipment and water test equipment,Complete conventional equipment。With 10 computers, equipped with printers, large copiers, survey and CAD practical software, and its survey document quality, high quality, high efficiency, service in place and reputation throughout the province。
    Since 1956, it has won numerous survey documents, ministry and provincial excellent projects, especially since the 1980s in high-rise building investigation, taking the lead in the survey industry, geotechnical company has made immeasurable contributions to the construction of Qinghai。