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【十大赌博靠谱网络平台】 School-enterprise exchange | Leaders from the Career Guidance Center of Xi 'an University of Architecture and Technology visited the company for a discussion

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On April 10, 2023, Qu Chao, director of the Employment Guidance Center of Xi 'an University of Architecture and Technology, and Li Huibo, teacher of the School of Science, went to the company to conduct an employment interview for college students。Chairman and general manager of the companyWang Liming, Chief Engineer宋放Director of Technical Information DepartmentSun QingchenDirector of the Party officeSong JingaAccompanied to the panel。

During the discussion, the chairman and general manager of the companyWang LimingWelcome to the leadership of the West Construction University to visit the company。He briefly introduced the company's basic situation, business development and talent needs, and hoped that the school can train and transport more high-quality architectural design talents who "can be retained and used" to sign the company and promote the sustainable development of the company。

屈超The director introduced the relevant situation of the school over the years based on the industry, serving the west, and transporting industry talents for the five provinces and regions in the northwest。The two sides exchanged views on university-school cooperation, personnel training, scientific research and graduate employment。In speech屈超The director also stated that,To strengthen cooperation between schools,Expand employment channels,We will make employment work more effective,Implementation of school visits to enterprises to promote employment,The school will take this visit as an opportunity,In order to further strengthen the communication with the company,Explore and develop more job opportunities and positions,Deepen cooperation on talent supply and demand,We will improve the quality of personnel training,Select and recommend outstanding talents for employment in enterprises。

Through this discussion, the school will absorb the training opinions and suggestions put forward by the company, further deepen the reform of education and teaching, and look forward to strengthening exchanges and cooperation with the company in personnel training and scientific research and innovation, and achieve new results。